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1 فروردین 1320 (76 ساله)

تاریخ عضویت: 22 شهریور 1394

We can't know any body befor answer negative to him

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نام نمایشی: l l l l
جنسیت: زن
تاریخ تولد: 1 فروردین 1320 (76 ساله)
درباره من: —————————————
هرگز به احساساتی که دراولین بر خورد از کسی پیدا می کنید نسنجیده اعتماد نکنید .(( آناتول فرانس
Don’t believe your sense of first meeting never.
You were with me for a short time, just a few days , but bad days
I was here for escape from the world
For being calm
But you made me crazy
Yes you were right
You are crazy, psychotic
Get away me for ever . M.m
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